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Table Carts

MityLite table carts, folding table carts and storage racks make efficient event setup changes possible. With the right table carts, your staff can quickly move tables and rearrange rooms for different events. Their durable construction and easy maneuverability make them an essential tool for any event planning team, helping to streamline operations and save valuable time. Our table carts also protect your furniture investment and store tables more compactly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available for MityLite table carts?

MityLite table carts come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate different table sizes and to fit through different sized doorways. The dimensions for these table carts vary, with heights ranging from 39″ (99.1 cm) to 66″ (167.6 cm), widths from 26.5″ (67.3 cm) to 40″ (101.6 cm), and lengths from 67″ (170.2 cm) to 102″ (259.1 cm). The weight of these carts also varies, ranging from 79 lbs. (35.8 kg) to 211 lbs. (95.7 kg). To see specific sizes, visit the individual product pages above.

What are the benefits of using MityLite table carts?

MityLite table carts offer several benefits:

  • Designed to hold and transport multiple tables.
  • Feature durable powder-coated steel frames for long-lasting use and non-marring wheels and casters that protect floors and ensure smooth movement.
  • Easy to handle and maneuver, even with partial loads.

These features combined make MityLite table carts an excellent choice for efficient, safe, and organized event setup and storage.

Are MityLite table carts made in the USA?

Yes, MityLite table carts are made in the USA.

What are the weight capacities of MityLite table carts?

MityLite table carts are designed to handle substantial weight capacities. MityLite table carts hold between 1,200 lbs. to 3,700 lbs. (544.3 kg to 1,678.2 kg). All XpressPort carts feature an unusually high load capacity (3,700 lbs. or 1,678.2 kg). Other carts have varying weight capacity based on the type and number of tables they’re designed to carry. For more information, visit the individual cart product pages or talk with your MityLite Sales Representative.

Do MityLite table carts come with warranties?

Yes, MityLite table carts come with warranties. The fabricated steel components of the carts are covered by a 12-year warranty. Additionally, other parts such as felt, carpet, neoprene, foam, and plastic protective pieces, as well as the cart casters, are warrantied for one year.