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The Best Products for Public Assembly Events

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Secure more event bookings by having the right products to offer several set-ups

As more people are getting back to business and pre-pandemic norms, Public Assembly venues are starting to see more bookings. Securing these bookings has a lot to do with your ability to provide the right event setup options for the customer.

Different products are suitable for different event set ups, and you want to make sure you have a variety of options to secure more bookings.

In this blog, we will showcase our most popular products for Public Assembly and demonstrate how each product can be used in different event setups.

These products include:

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Banquet Event Setup

A banquet setup is one of the most popular options because it maximizes your space for seated dining at catered events.

Wedding and reception setups often follow this round banquet style, but you will also find business events and fundraising galas use this setup because it works great for dining, presentation, and entertainment activities.

Reveal Linenless Round Tables are a great fit for this setup with an attractive, linenless surface. Pair with Elite Banquet Chairs and choose from numerous back style options on a lightweight aluminum frame with a comfortable FormFlex seat and a flex-back.

The Elevare Buffet Table with power is an attractive and functional product to display anything from wedding cakes to beverages and food that must be kept warm.

Don’t forget the Magnattach® Dance Floor to provide the most attractive, safe, and easy-to-setup party surface for your guests.

Banquet Event Setup

Cabaret Event Setup

A cabaret room setup is a good alternative to the banquet setup, especially for smaller groups. It differs from the banquet layout by placing chairs in a semicircle around the half of a table that faces the stage, podium, or presenter.

Although this doubles the number of tables you will need and takes up more space, it ensures that all guests can easily view the front of the event without having to turn their chairs. As such, it makes for a great wedding setup or meeting setup.

ABS Round Tables are the most durable tables on the market, and perfect for more upscale and intimate events where table linens are preferred. Encore Banquet Chairs provide an upscale look with a lightweight aluminum frame in numerous back styles and an exceptionally comfortable FormFlex seat and flex-back.

The Reveal Linenless Duo Table with power is the perfect upscale, linenless entry table where event coordinators can plug in their laptops to access guest lists and other materials. The Single Panel Partition can be used as a clear surface for taping up posters and other display items.

Don’t forget the Staging to offer a safe and easy to set up performing or presenting location.

Cabaret Event Setup

Family-Style Banquet Setup

Family-style is another variation on the traditional banquet setup. This can be a great option because it encourages more interaction among guests.

ABS Rectangle Tables can be setup side-by-side with attractive linens for guest dining. Classic Banquet Chairs are our most popular chair with a durable steel frame with several back styles and a comfortable FormFlex seat and flex-back.

Reveal Linenless Buffet Tables can be setup together to form attractive shapes that provide a lovely surface for displaying food and beverages for your guests.

Family-Style Banquet Setup

Cocktail Event Setup

If you’re facilitating an event that is shorter in duration, has minimal presentations or entertainment, or is intended to encourage attendee interaction, the cocktail event setup may be the best option.

This is a very flexible event room setup that maximizes the number of people who can comfortably fit into and interact within your space.

Madera Pro Cocktail Tables provide an affordable linenless surface for guests to mingle and enjoy beverages. Pair these tables with Access Banquet Chairs for a value-conscious chair with quick-ship options.

The Elevare Buffet Table with power can serve as the perfect bar along with Elevare Presentation Tables to display program materials or appetizers. The Reveal Linenlees Mobile Nesting Table with power provides another gathering place for guests who need to charge electronics.

Cocktail Event Setup

Classroom-Style Setup

The classroom-style room setup is one of the most popular meeting-room setups because it allows seated attendees to face the front to view the presenter. It also provides a way for attendees to take notes or use computers, and interact in small groups.

This setup is also popular for corporate events, small conferences, seminars, trainings, workshops, and test-taking.

The Madera Pro Rectangle Table offers a nice lineless surface at an affordable price for displaying program materials and presenter supplies. The Multi-Panel Telescoping Partition can be lengthened or shortened as needed and ordered with a fabric surface with numerous color options where materials can be pined up for display.

The Reveal Linenless Duo Table with power provides a functional place for guests to sit while accessing their laptops and other electronics. Pair with MeshOne® Folding Chairs, the most comfortable folding chair on the market, to provide an easy way to add additional seating as needed.

Classroom-Style Setup

Alternative Classroom (Chevron) Setup

The classroom chevron setup differs from the traditional classroom style only in how the tables are slanted slightly so attendees are more focused on a central point at the front of the room.

This makes the space a bit more intimate and allows attendees to see one another more easily.

The ABS Rectangle Table is a great option for event planners who want a display table with linens. The 3-Panel Folding Partition can be ordered in various fabric colors to provide a display area with a surface where materials can be pinned up for display.

Again, the Reveal Linenless Duo Table with power is the best table option for attendees who need to access their electronics during trainings and other events. FlexOne® LX Folding Chairs feature airline-grade foam on the seat and back that can be ordered with various upholstery options and even embroidered to include a brand logo.

Alternative Classroom (Chevron) Setup

Breakout Event Setup

A breakout event setup is often used when an event calls for small groups or teams to collaborate and brainstorm. It’s a good alternative to the traditional classroom setup, especially for networking events.

Madera Pro Quarter Round Tables provide a nice linenless surface for guests to use where they can take notes while networking. FlexOne® FX Folding Chairs feature an airline-grade foam seat and comfortable flex-back. The seat can be ordered with various upholstery options.

The Reveal Linenless Fixed Width Table with power can offer a nice entry piece where monitors, televisions, and such can be displayed for attendees.

Breakout Event Setup

Auditorium-Style Setup

If you’re planning an event that is focused on a presentation and attendance is expected to be high, the auditorium setup is likely the best fit.

SwiftSet® Folding Chairs can be ordered in numerous colors to fit event themes or brand colors. They are easy to setup and store making them great for large events. MityLite Staging provides a great elevated surface for presenters.

Auditorium-Style Setup

Alternative Auditorium (Chevron) Setup

Similar in design to the classroom chevron setup, this alternative auditorium setup differs only by angling the chair rows toward a central focal point at the front.

This setup can make an event feel more intimate by allowing attendees to see each other better. It could be a great option for events that are more participatory.

FlexOne® CS Folding Chairs provide an affordable seating option for larger events. They can be ordered in numerous colors and they are incredibly easy to set up and store. Add a Reveal Linenless Fixed Width Table with power and a Mutli-Panel Folding Partition to the front of the room as valuable resources for event presenters that can be formed in different shapes.

Alternative Auditorium (Chevron) Setup

Don’t Forget the Carts!

Providing a wide variety of event setup options means that you need to have the ability to move products quickly and easily. XpressPort® Carts are loved by convention center managers across the country for providing the safest and most efficient way to move and store chairs and tables. The Folding Chair Tree Cart makes it a breeze to move and store MityLite folding chairs.

Hopefully, learning more about which products are better suited to which event setup will help you secure more bookings by providing customers with better options.

If you would like more information, please contact your sales representative. You can learn more about the products included in this blog by checking out additional blog posts.

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