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Case Studies

Case Study: Dallas Community Center

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The Dallas Parks & Recreation Department needed tables and chairs that were lightweight & durable


The Dallas Parks & Recreation Department is one of the largest municipal park systems in the nation. The department manages a multitude of diverse facilities and recreational programs with over 23,464 land acres encompassing 397 parks, 7 lakes, 4,658 surface acres of water, and over 160 miles of developed trails. Park amenities include playgrounds, picnic shelters, tennis courts, soccer and football fields, baseball and softball diamonds, multi-purpose fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and disc golf courses.

The Challenge

The Dallas Parks & Recreation Department manages numerous reservations for different types of events and programs. This requires the staff to constantly transport tables and chairs between rooms, buildings, and outdoor areas. They also need products that are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with constantly being moved and used. Finally, they need furniture that can be cleaned and sanitized efficiently.

The Solution

Group of people Standing by Tables

MityLite ABS tables provide the perfect solution because they are lightweight making it easier for staff to transfer the tables from one room to another or from one building to another. The tables are also durable, so the department can use them for many different types of events including afterschool and summer camp youth programs.

The carts come in handy in helping staff move the tables and chairs to different locations, and the FlexOne Folding Chairs and SwiftSet Folding Chairs are great for providing additional seating for events. The Access Banquet Chairs provide a comfortable place for visitors to sit during events.

All the products are also easy to clean and sanitize efficiently.

How MityLite Made it Easy

The Dallas Parks & Recreation Department has many last-minute events that require additional tables and chairs. The MityLite sales representatives are always available to help the department fill orders and find products that can be shipped quickly. There is a fast turnaround for requested quotes and the process is easy. MityLite is always there to help the department get the equipment they need. There is also a discount with large orders, which helps with the department budget.

Dallas Park & Recreation LogoJohn King

“We rely a great deal on MityLite equipment with our many activities that need tables, chairs, and carts. The custodians really appreciate the carts, which come in handy with moving tables and chairs constantly.”

“I’ve been working with MityLite for a long time. All the tables in our facilities are MityLite.”

— John King

Service Area Manager, City of Dallas, Park & Recreation Department