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Cleaning ABS Tables

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MityLite ABS tables are engineered to be virtually maintenance free. To help maintain and clean your tables, please follow these recommendations

Cleaning and stain removal

  • Always remove stains immediately.
  • Allow warm, soapy water to sit on the table to loosen dirt. Gently scrub with a nylon brush to help remove dirt from the textured surface.
  • Tougher stains can usually be removed by using “409” or “Fantastic” cleaner.
  • Difficult stains may be removed with WD40 followed by soapy water.
  • Or, if you prefer a chemical-free cleaning solution, a melamine sponge like Xtreme Sponge ( may work well to remove dirt or stains.

Avoid certain cleaners

Avoid using citrus cleaners (such as Goo-gone), bleach, paint thinner, concentrated detergents, acetone, MEK or other strong solvents. These products might take the plasticisers out of the plastic and shorten the life of the table. It might also void your warranty.

ABS Tables

Miscellaneous care

Extreme temperatures: Use Meguiars Medium Duty Buffing Compound (available at any auto paint supply store) to buff out scuff marks. This should remove scuff marks and give the table a good shine. Avoid using too much as it may remove the finish.

These products can also be used, but they may not remove scuff marks as well. All are available at auto part stores.

  • “Mothers California Gold” auto wax
  • “Meguiars Gold Class” paste application
  • “Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell” car wax
  • “Turtle Wax Finish 2001”
  • “Turtle Wax Extreme” paste application

Note: It may not be possible to remove scratches to the finish.

ABS Tables