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Cleaning Wooden Chairs

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General Warnings & Precautions

All Holsag chairs are intended for indoor use only. The chairs are designed to support no more than 250 pounds. DO NOT place any person or object weighing more than 250 pounds on the product. Otherwise, the structure of the chair could be compromised and the warranty on the product could be voided. Avoid standing on the product.

Note that all products are not suitable for all individuals, and other products may be required. (Failure to comply with all warnings and precautions and use of the product for any purpose other than the recommended use could result in bodily injury.)


Wood furniture should be cleaned and wiped down with a mild solution of soap and water band dried immediately. To maintain the luster, wipe with furniture polish as needed. The use of bleach, abrasive cleaners, and similar cleaners or chemicals on this product may void the warranty.

If your chair has a vinyl cushion, use a gentle mixture of any mild soap and warm water to dissipate the most common soil from the surface with a soft cloth. If stubborn dirt remains, such as a stain embedded in the grain of the vinyl, use a soft brush, and if necessary, a touch of cleaning powder. In both situations, rinse and dry the cushion’s fabric with a soft cloth.