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The Complete Guide to Buying Commercial Outdoor Patio Furniture

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When the weather turns sunny, there’s no better place to be than outside soaking in the sunbeams. People flock to outdoor spaces to enjoy beautiful weather in comfortable patio chairs. If your business has an outdoor space, it might benefit from new high-quality patio furniture. It could be the secret to obtaining that five-star review you’ve worked so hard for.

Choosing the right commercial outdoor patio furniture is crucial. You need pieces that can withstand the elements and stay looking brand new. Use this comprehensive guide to learn all the factors to consider when choosing patio furniture for your business. 

Why Do You Need Commercial Outdoor Patio Furniture?

Residential patio furniture is easy to find at every big box store in the country. However, businesses need higher quality patio furniture for their customers that is designed to withstand commercial use. In a business like a hotel, event venue, or restaurant, hundreds of people may use the same chair every day. Guests will be of varying weights; some may be holding children on their laps, and you don’t want furniture to collapse. Patio furniture here needs to be more sturdy and durable than the furniture sets found in the average home.

Juniper outdoor furniture

7 Benefits of Investing in Outdoor Commercial Patio Furniture

When you invest in commercial outdoor patio furniture, you’ll quickly see the benefits.

  1. Easy to clean: Commercial-grade products are specifically designed to be easily cleaned. After a long day of use, all it takes is a quick wipe-down or hosing-off, and they’ll look as good as new again.
  2. Lightweight: These pieces are made of lightweight materials and many stack for storage, making them easy to move and rearrange to fit guests’ needs.
  3. Attractive: Commercial patio furniture is made to look good in any setting. Patio sets will look stylish while still being easy to care for.
  4. Customizable: Vita Outdoor Furniture will build bespoke patio furniture with custom frame finishes and fabrics, ensuring it perfectly matches your company’s aesthetic.
  5. Cost-saving: Commercial-grade pieces are more durable and have a longer lifespan. You won’t have to buy new furniture for a long time, saving thousands of dollars in the long run.
  6. More sales: When customers feel comfortable, they will likely stick around and do more business with you. 
  7. Extra space: Outdoor furniture expands spaces, giving customers more room to relax. With an expanded hosting area, owners can fit in more customers at a time.
MityLite Magnolia Table and Wicker seating

Common Materials for Outdoor Commercial Patio Furniture

Residential patio furniture may look nice but it isn’t built to last in commercial environments. In fact, if you use residential furniture in a commercial setting it will void the warranty. Commercial-grade furniture manufacturers use special materials that weigh less, last longer and are easy to clean.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is lightweight but strong, so furniture with an aluminum frame is easy to move around. When it’s been powder-coated, frames won’t rust easily or become sun-damaged. It’s also 100% recyclable. Manufacturers can even powder coat aluminum furniture in different colors to fit specific design aesthetics. 
  • Synthetic teak wood: This durable synthetic wood withstands the elements but looks similar to real wood. It’s made of recycled wood fibers mixed with synthetic (plastic) material. 
  • Synthetic wicker: Synthetic wicker resembles real wicker while maintaining durability and longevity. 
  • Iron: This metal is strong and durable, so it can withstand extreme weather and heavy use. 
  • Galvanized steel: Galvanized steel is strong, extremely durable, and easy to clean. 
  • Alumawood: This easy-to-clean material combines aluminum’s benefits with wood’s aesthetic. 
  • Outdoor sling fabric: These strong, weatherproof materials comfortably support guests while being thin and easy to clean. 
Magnolia Mesh Chaise

Types of Commercial Patio Furniture

Commercial patio furniture encompasses a wide range of furniture types. These are some of the most popular options: 

  • Patio tables 
  • Patio chairs 
  • Chaise lounges 
  • Outdoor beds 
  • Cabanas 
  • Side tables 
  • Umbrellas 
  • Benches

Consider adding heaters or fire pits to make your outdoor space even more versatile. These will help guests enjoy it at night or even in colder weather. If your property is in a hot climate, adding shade and outdoor ceiling fans will be a big bonus. 

Choosing outdoor furniture for specific industries

Ultimately, the type of commercial outdoor patio furniture you need depends on the type of business you have. Here are a few common uses for patio furniture in different industries. 

MityLite Palm Outdoor Furniture

Here are a few common uses for patio furniture in different industries.

• Outdoor restaurant furniture
• Poolside hotel furniture
• Business outdoor areas
• Schools and universities
• Retirement facilities

Outdoor restaurant furniture

Restaurants need outdoor tables large enough to accommodate several guests. Depending on the restaurant, you may want a combination of small cafe tables and larger tables for big parties. Outdoor dining chairs must be durable, weatherproof, and the right height so guests can enjoy their food comfortably. Restaurant furniture needs to be easy to clean and resistant to damage from food spills, rain, wind, snow, or sun. 

Poolside hotel furniture 

A huge draw for hotels is their pool areas. Guests want to relax, so comfort needs to be the goal. Patio armchairs, loungers, cabanas, and comfortable, cushioned seats are key—but look for waterproof ones, as guests will sit on them right after swimming.  

Business outdoor areas

Many workplaces provide their employees with comfortable outdoor spaces to relax during the day and for breaktime, lunchtime, and for parties and events. Business outdoor furniture will primarily used during the noon hour, so look for tables with shade and comfortable seating. 

Schools and universities

Students flock to outdoor seating areas to study and relax with their friends, so ample chairs and tables should be available. These seating options are perfect for eating a quick lunch between classes or studying before the big exam. 

Retirement facilities

Elderly residents usually value comfort over everything else. Therefore, they should choose furniture that is easy to use and has thick cushioning.

MityLite Willow Outdoor Furniture

Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Patio Furniture 

When trying to choose commercial-grade patio furniture for your business, consider the following factors:

  • Number of pieces needed: Is your patio area meant to accommodate only a few or many? Measure your space to determine how many furniture pieces you can fit without making things feel too crowded. 
  • Quality and durability: Consider the weather and the types of guests who will be using the furniture. Choose durable pieces to withstand even your busiest season without sustaining scratches, rips, or dents. 
  • Style and aesthetics: The look of your space also matters when choosing furniture pieces. Choose ones that fit your already established interior design, so your whole space feels cohesive and inviting. 
  • Budget: Your budget will significantly affect the type and quantity of furniture you can afford, so plan carefully. 
  • Comfort: How comfortable do you want your customers to be? Adding extra cushions or pillows could make guests feel even more relaxed and likely to leave good reviews. 
  • Storing: Do you plan on storing the furniture away during storms or the off-season? Will your patio furniture stack or fit together? 
  • Ease of movement: You may have to move furniture pieces around to accommodate guest needs. Lightweight pieces are easier for employees and guests to rearrange for better convenience or comfort. 
  • Shade: When purchasing outdoor furniture, consider shade options such as outdoor umbrellas. This will ensure guests can enjoy your patio furniture even on the hottest day.
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Commercial Outdoor Patio Furniture with MityLite® 

When you need durable, high-quality outdoor furniture, MityLite is your one-stop shop for the perfect outdoor setup. Choose from hundreds of chairs, tables, and beds to build the perfect outdoor layout. You can get unique pieces that fit your aesthetic and business needs with customizable fabrics and finishes. 

Get your commercial patio furniture with MityLite today! 

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