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How Much Does a Portable Commercial Dance Floor Cost Over 5 Years?

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Is cost the most important factor to consider when buying a portable dance floor for your property? That depends on how you define “cost.” 

Here’s the thing—the MityLite Magnattach® Dance Floor is not the cheapest portable dance floor on the market. Yep! We just admitted that. But, before you go… let’s look a little deeper. 

This blog will show how the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a commercial dance floor encompasses more than the sticker price. But when you consider the cost of labor, maintenance, and replacement costs, that lower-priced portable dance floor can cost you much, much more in the long run.  

When it comes to total cost of ownership, the Magnattach will save you 50% to 90% in labor costs. Plus, the floor will not scratch, dent, or warp, which means you save on maintenance and replacement costs as well. 

Total cost of ownership for a portable dance floor in the first 5 years after purchase

If you buy one of the leading, low-price, screw-type portable dance floors, you’ll probably pay about $7,500 upfront. That probably looks a lot better to your budget than the $20,000 average price for a premium snap-and-lock dance floor like the Magnattach. 

But looking beyond that initial purchase, you need to account for what you’ll pay your crew to set up and break down the floor before and after every event you host. Don’t worry—we did the math for you. The charts below show what you’d pay if your facility hosted 4 events every month that require a 20’ X 20’ dance floor, assembled by a crew making $20 per hour.   

Running Labor Costs per Year

Chart showing savings in labor costs by chossing Magnattach Dance Floor

*Calculations are based on hosting 4 events per month with a 20×20 floor and a $20-hourly labor rate. Estimated cost savings with Magnattach versus a screw-type floor.

The Most Important Features to Look for in Commercial Dance Flooring 

Now let’s take a look at the important things to look for in a portable, snap-and-lock dance floor. All manufacturers talk about the same features, namely: 

  • Assembly
  • Safety
  • Portability
  • Edging
  • Materials
  • Customization options
  • Warranty

How does Magnattach stack up to the competition?

Benefits of Magnattach Portable Dance Floors Against our Top Competitor


MityLite Magnattach portable magnetic dance floor

Magnattach Dance Floor

Illustration of a competitor dance floor

Leading Competitor

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Why It Matters


Assemble & disassemble in 7 minutes or less

Assembly can take 90+ minutes

Saves you 50–90% in labor with every use 


Patented triple-lock system keeps panels in place with no moving parts

Self-aligning pins squares the floor panels, but they can move and break apar

No moving parts means no pinch points or trip hazards


4 x 4 sq. ft. panels weigh 40 lbs.  

4 x 4 sq. ft. panels weigh 56 lbs.  

Magnattach is 40% lighter  


Scratch-resistant Wilsonart® laminate

Wood parquet panels can scratch & puncture, creating a trip hazard

Magnattach maintains a smooth, attractive surface after years of use


Welded corner edging with no gaps holds panels in place & acts like a ramp 

Gaps can occur in corner materials, creating a trip hazard 

Once the edging snaps into place, Magnattach will hold together no matter what, eliminating risk of injury 


Composite laminate tops & bottom on aluminum panels with a structural foam core

Wood or fiberglass panels with a laminate surface & hardboard core

Magnattach features balanced panels that are more stable to prevent warping


16 finish options
3 edge ramp options

12 finish options
3 trim options

Magnattach features more options & a double-sided panel feature


5 years

3 years

Magnattach comes with piece of mind & a longer warranty

Take a look at the images below to see a breakdown of the benefits that come with a Magnattach Dance Floor. You’ll see why we love to brag about this product! 

Benefits of a Magnattach Dance Floor

  1. Commercial grade laminate finish available in a variety of colors.
  2. Interlocking steel bars eliminate the risk of panels shifting or separating.
  3. Tiles and edge ramps are held with magnets, angled wedges, and an overlapping trim.
  4. Edge ramps are constructed with heavy duty aluminum.
  1. One-piece welded corner eliminates gaps that cause pinch points and tripping hazards.
  2. Magnattach corners are constructed without cam locks.
  3. All parts fit together seamlessly without moving, stripping, or breaking.
  4. Thin panels provide a safe transition for guests entering the dance floor.
Close-up image of MityLite Magnattach steel wedges

Close-up of Magnattach foam core

Close-up of Magnattach tile magnets

Steel wedges lock the panels in place

Light weight foam core

High strength neodymium
magnets hold tiles together

Tested Durability

We’ve told you Magnattach is the most durable, dependable, safest, and easiest to use portable dance floor on the market. But here’s the thing. We can prove it too! 

Our Research & Development Team has put Magnattach through rigorous testing. Check out the details below. 

A Ball Drop Test showed the surface can withstand high impact such as dropping the panels or dropping a chair on the floor. A Puncture Test demonstrated the floor can withstand 500 lbs. of pressure from a stiletto heel. 

A Scratch Abrasion Test showed the surface will not scratch when dragged over rough carpet or concrete flooring. A Bond Test demonstrated the strength of the bond between the panel and frame. 

A Load Cycling Test showed the floor can withstand high impact in the same location with up to 500 lbs. of weight without sustaining damage.In an Environmental Chamber, the floor was shown to withstand extensive humidity (up to 90%) and extreme temperatures (from -20° to 120°) without warping. 

Buy a Dance Floor Based on Total Cost of Ownership 

Magnattach portable dance floors have more to offer than an amazing TCO. Find a breakdown of the most important Magnattach features in our handy video below.

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