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The Complete Guide to Stackable Fabric Chairs

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Stackable fabric chairs are the ideal solution for beautiful, clean, and strong seating accommodations that are practical and easy to store. When deciding on chairs for your space there are many questions and factors to consider carefully before purchasing all of your chairs.

Here, we’ll give you all the information you need to know before making a purchase. With our ultimate guide, you’ll also understand why MityLite® stackable fabric chairs are your best seating option.

Who Should Use Stackable Fabric Chairs

MityLite banquet chairs in a modern, minimal setting with a plant in the corner

Many industries benefit from having stackable fabric chairs. The locations that would benefit include:

  • Government buildings
  • Education centers like schools, colleges, and universities
  • Healthcare locations
  • Restaurants
  • Worship locations
  • Senior living centers
  • Event venues

4 Benefits of Choosing Stackable Fabric Chairs

Consider all the benefits associated with stackable fabric chairs. 

  1. Easy to store: Stackable chairs mean you can easily move them around a room and put them away depending on the needs of your event or expected group.
  2. Look professional: A fabric chair often looks more professional and expensive than the usual foldable metal chairs you often see in public locations.
  3. More comfortable: In many situations, people sitting on fabric chairs will be there for hours. If this is the case, cushioned fabric chairs are far more comfortable than hard metal or plastic chairs. Those using the chairs will feel more comfortable and have a better experience.
  4. Don’t break as easily: Moving parts on chairs (like hinges used in foldable chairs) tend to break more often because they are constantly in use. A solid stackable chair is less likely to experience breaks and will last longer, saving you money in the long run.
Lifestyle image of a MityLite banquet chair in a modern setting

Benefits of Stackable Fabric Chairs

• Easy to store
• Look professional
• More comfortable
• Don’t break as easily

Handling and Storing Comfortable Stacking Chairs

Before purchasing chairs, consider their care needs and how you will accomplish that. There are three categories of care to consider.

Stacking Safely

Just because stackable chairs can be stacked doesn’t mean you can stack as many as you’d like. You may only be able to stack 6–10 chairs safely, depending on the chair type. If you stack too many, the entire stack could fall over, hurting people, damaging the chairs, and making a lot of commotion.


Every situation and type of chair is different, but in general, keep the chairs stored in a dark, dry place. Too much sunlight could fade the visible fabric of the chairs, making them no longer match. Damp areas could damage the fabric of your chairs and make them accumulate mold.


Anytime you purchase a new fabric chair, you need to read the manufacturer’s instructions to know how to clean and care for the chairs. Plan to clean the chairs once a month or after a large event. Make sure the fabric is clear of any food particles, then vacuum the fabric and use an upholstery cleaning device if necessary. Use a damp cloth to wipe down any metal or plastic parts.

Close-up of a bristled vacuum hose on an orange-colored upholstery

Other Important Considerations to Make When Purchasing

When determining the type of stackable fabric chair you want, here are several factors to consider.

Shape of Seat and Chair Back

Aesthetically, you have a lot to consider about the appearance of the fabric chairs you want. Think about how they are shaped, both the seat cushion and the chair back.

Frame Material

With MityLite, you can choose between aluminum or steel for the frame of your fabric chairs. Steel is stronger and less likely to dent or bend, but it’s heavier.


Flex-back chairs allow those sitting in them to lean back, adding to their comfort while sitting.

Comfort Level

The comfortability of the seat has a huge impact. The longer you plan to have people sitting, the more comfortable the chairs need to be to keep people involved and attentive.

Type of Fabric

Fabric type is a huge choice. You need to decide on color and pattern and think carefully about what colors and styles will look best in your space. Also, consider how easy the fabric type is to clean, and how well it stands up to wear and tear.

Stacking Glides

With any comfortable stacking chair, you need to consider choosing ones with stacking glides. Stacking glides are small plastic and or silicone parts strategically placed on the legs and leg stabilizing bars on the chair. These parts make it so that the legs don’t scrape or rub against each other when you stack the chairs. This prolongs the life of your chairs and keeps them safe from accidentally scratching or damaging each other.

GIF of MityLite Banquet chair being stacked

Get Your Stackable Fabric Chairs with MityLite

MityLite is your one-stop shop for all the durable furniture you need that will last and look amazing for years. Invest in comfortable fabric stackable chairs, and you’ll have quality seating solutions that are easy to store and move around while staying professional-looking and clean.

MityLite makes all chairs to order, so you can pick the ideal fabric chair combination for your needs and space. Don’t wonder about how much it would cost to get the exact chairs you need. Contact MityLite and get a free quote for durable stackable fabric chairs today.