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Creating the Toughest Folding Tables on the Market: the ABS

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For over 30 years, MityLite ABS Tables have been the gold standard in durable folding tables for commercial properties. These all-purpose tables are fast and easy to set up, making them ideal for all sorts of events, including conferences, cocktail events, weddings, seminars, banquets, buffets, and more.

Strong enough to hold 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms), ABS Tables are built to last. These tables are perfect for flexible event spaces because they are easy to cart around and store compactly when not in use. In addition, all ABS Tables are 100% recyclable and are GREENGUARD® Certified, which means they pass strict chemical emissions tests and will help promote clean indoor air in your facility.

Building an ABS Table

Building ABS Table

ABS Tables are durable, stain-resistant folding tables featuring a plywood frame sandwiched between sheets of ABS plastic. This unique construction method creates a table that’s lightweight enough to move around easily, but also strong enough to withstand heavy use in commercial settings.

You can see how we build our ABS tables in this video.

Top 5 Benefits of ABS Folding Tables

1. Rugged and sturdy

You’ll be using your ABS Tables for years thanks to the way we engineer and build each model. We strengthen potential weak spots to make the most durable tables on the market. For example, ABS table edges are reinforced to absorb shock and prevent scratches and dings, and all table bases are built to hold extremely heavy loads, which prevents damage during stacking and storage.

2. Safe and reliable

When you use ABS Tables, you can be assured that the safety of your guests and employees is our top priority. ABS Table legs feature a secure, easy-to-use, no-pinch folding mechanism with a gravity operated steel ring lock. This proprietary design prevents accidental collapse, even when tables get bumped or mishandled, making them the safest choice for commercial use.

3. Easy to care for

When your property is hosting large events, you don’t want to worry about your guests ruining the tabletop with spilled drinks. That’s why event centers love that our ABS Tables are 100% stain resistant—from the plastic tabletop surface all the way down to the powder-coated steel legs.

4. Affordably priced

MityLite ABS Tables are among the most cost-effective commercial grade folding tables on the market, particularly when their long lifespan is factored in. You can expect at least 15 years of trouble-free use from these handy tables, with many lasting much longer.

5. Environmentally conscious

If your business cares about the environment, you can purchase ABS Tables with peace of mind. MityLite ABS plastic tabletops are made of 80% post-industrial recycled plastic material or “regrind.” Table legs and frame are made from 80% recycled steel. And, at the end of the table’s very long lifetime, all components are 100% recyclable.

MityLite ABS Tables at a Glance






  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Cocktail
  • Half Round
  • Quarter Round
  • Serpentine
  • Mobile Buffet

Tabletop Surface

ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a type of thermoplastic that is 100% recyclable)

Tabletop Edge

Reinforced edge or


Powder-coated steel


2,000 lbs.


15 lbs. to 81 lbs.


Yes. ABS plastic tabletop and steel frame are 100% recyclable


15 years

What Customers Are Saying About ABS Tables


“We appreciate the MityLite products because they work well and hold up to hard use. We have up to 500 events per week so we need something that can be easily set up and torn down. I really like the ABS Tables because they set up quickly … and store them with relative ease. The staff can load carts quickly and throw them around. We know they can take a good beating and still be okay.”

David Marquis

Assistant Director for Facilities and Operations, The University of Texas at San Antonio Student Union

“I just want to let you know how pleased we are with our MityLite tables. They’ve been in service for four years now and have survived approximately 100 wedding receptions and business seminars with little or no damage. Thanks again for the regular follow-up calls and customer service.”

Kip Rodecker

Building Manager

Which ABS Table is Right for Your Property?

ABS Collection

The ABS Table’s strength and durability come from the engineering, the quality of the materials, and the way each table is built. We’ve created 9 models of the ABS Table so that there’s a table for every need. From cocktail tables, to mobile buffets, to our bestselling rectangles and rounds, ABS Tables are available in every shape and size you could need.