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4-Wheel Comfort Seating Cart

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit

Price: Available upon request


4-Wheel Comfort Seating Cart Dimensions
Made in USA

Compatible Products

  • Holds 10 Access Banquet Chairs
  • Holds 10 Classic Banquet Chairs
  • Holds 10 Elite Banquet Chairs
  • Holds 10 Encore Banquet Chairs
  • Holds 10 Eon Banquet Chairs
  • Holds 10 Essential II Banquet Chairs
  • Holds 8 Grand II Banquet Chairs
  • Holds 10 Horizon Banquet Chairs
  • Holds 10 Regency Banquet Chairs

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The Comfort Seating 4-Wheel Cart helps you efficiently transport and store a wide variety of MityLite banquet chairs. Now featuring a wider footprint for added stability, this easy-to-use rear-loading dolly ensures years of trouble-free use and helps protect your chairs. The Comfort Seating Cart 4-Wheel is designed to hold up to 10 of most Mitylite banquet chairs. This style of cart is great for storage and ideal for moving single stacks of chairs around a facility or room.

Warranty: Fabricated steel components – twelve (12) years. Felt, carpet, neoprene, foam, and plastic protective pieces, as well as cart casters are warranted for a period of one (1) year.

Benefits & Features

  • Efficiently transports & stores a wide variety of MityLite banquet chairs
  • Wider footprint for enhanced stability
  • Easy-to-use rear-loading dolly
  • Ensures years of trouble-free use & helps protect your chair investment
  • Ideal for moving single stacks of chairs around a facility or room

Price Point


“Along with other upgrades at HCC to modernize the appearance and comfort of our furnishings, the new chairs and equipment from MityLite will allow HCC to provide upgraded services for our clients and attendees.”

Teri Orton General Manager, Hawaii Convention Center

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Cleaning instructions

To clean, periodically wipe down with a light solution of soap and water or non-caustic cleaning agents to remove surface dirt and perspiration residue. Use a standard cleaner to disinfect but avoid ones that are abrasive as that can erode some powder-coated finishes.

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