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Adjustable Stairs Staging Accessory

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Adjustable Stairs Staging Accessory Dimensions
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The Adjustable Stairs Staging Accessory is a portable stair set for stagehand or audience access and exit points. It is easy to set up and doesn’t require tools. It fits a variety of stage heights. This stage stair includes built-in, removable handrails, non-skid stair surfaces, and aluminum bullnose edges for increased safety. It is designed to fold down flat for storage. These stage stairs are compatible with MityLite Z-Stage, AlphaRoll, and Fold & Roll portable staging systems.

Benefits & Features

  • Firmly attaches to edge of the stage
  • Stairs fold flat for easy storage
  • Automatically adjusts based on stage height it’s attached to
  • No tools required to attach to stage deck
  • Removable handrails
  • Mill aluminum step surfaces with non-slip nosing for safety

Assembly & Care

Assembly instructions

  1. Begin by finding the clamps, located on the top of the Adjustable Stairs. Sandwich the stage deck between the clamps.
  2. Next, tighten the clamp by holding onto the knurled nut while turning the handle counterclockwise in the vertical position then locking the handle in the horizontal position.
  3. To set the correct stair height, pull the faspins from each side and allow the stairs to settle so the bottom tube rests on the ground and all stairs are horizontal. Once everything is in place, reinsert the faspins to the position below the stop.
  4. Pull on the stairs to make sure they are firmly secured in place.

Cleaning instructions

Spot clean with soap and water as needed.

Any scratches can be treated with touch-up paint.