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How Much Do Banquet Chairs Cost?

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The 5 factors that determine price

When shopping for banquet chairs, remember that “cheap” chairs and “affordable” chairs are not the same things, and it is possible to get high-quality banquet chairs that are affordable. It all depends on the style of chair you need and the product features you require.

The first thing you should understand is that the cost of banquet chairs depends on a variety of factors. This is why it’s rare to find product pricing listed on a manufacturer’s website. However, there are five primary things that impact pricing, and knowing what they are can help you become a more well-informed buyer.

Frame Style

Chairs in Rows

Most banquet chair frames are made from either steel or aluminum. There are different benefits and drawbacks for each type of frame and the best fit for you depends on your needs and priorities. However, when it comes to price, steel-framed banquet chairs typically cost 5–10% less than aluminum-framed chairs.

Other frame style options for banquet chairs are wooden frames and faux wood frames. In general, wooden chairs are going to be the most expensive, depending on the type of wood. If you have a high-quality wood, such as European Beech Hardwood, that will be more expensive than a softer wood, such as pine. Faux wood chairs are less expensive than wooden chairs.

Learn more about chair frames.

  • Steel Chairs: $
  • Aluminum Chairs: $$
  • Faux Wood Chairs: $$$
  • Wooden Chairs: $$$$

Frame Color

Man Spray Painting

MityLite chairs are painted using a durable powder coating that holds the color and resists fading and scratching. Frame color impacts the price of a chair because it’s dependent on what each supplier charges MityLite for the powder coat.

It’s the grade of a frame color that affects the price. MityLite offers several frame colors in grades 1–3. Grade 1 comes standard and is already included in the price of the chair. Grades 2 and 3 have an upcharge per chair.

Learn more about powder-coating and frame color.

  • Power Coating Grade 1: $
  • Power Coating Grade 2: $$
  • Power Coating Grade 3: $$$


Various Fabrics

The type of material used to make the chair seat and back can dramatically affect the price of a banquet chair. For example, will you use a material supplied by the manufacturer, request a customized option, or will it be COM (customer’s own material)?

High-quality materials that are durable, stain-resistant, and long-lasting are going to be more expensive. One thing that determines the price and quality of the material is something called double rubs. The MityLite standard fabrics are tested for 30,000 double rubs or more.

In addition, MityLite has a fabric grading system of A through P. The grading system reflects the type of material, colors, and price of the product, not necessarily the quality of the product. The A Grade Fabric is included in the standard price of the chair. All other grades have an upcharge per chair.

In some cases, we may recommend purchasing a permanent performance treatment, such as Nanotex), which will add $4–$6 per chair. Another thing to consider is if your facility is required to have all chairs be CAL 117 compliant (check your local fire code). If this is a requirement, it can increase the price by $20 per chair or even more.

The chosen orientation of the fabric can also impact the price. Depending on the way you want the fabric to “run” on the chair, it may require additional fabric.

Learn more about fabric options.

  • Standard Fabric: $
  • Customized Fabric: $$
  • COM Fabric: $
  • Add Nanotex: $$$
  • CAL 117 Compliant: $$$$

Manufacturing Lead Time

Man welding

Chairs manufactured overseas are often less expensive than chairs manufactured in the United States. Although the majority of MityLite chairs are manufactured in Orem, Utah or Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, we do offer some banquet chair options that are made in other countries. Although chairs manufactured overseas will be less expensive, the lead times will be four–six weeks longer.

  • Made Overseas: $
  • Made in the USA: $$

Chair Options

Chair Graphic Banner

Added options and accessories, such as the FormFlex seat, flex-back, ganging, and mitered legs will add to the price of the chair.

Adding a flex-back will increase the comfort level of the chair and will add approximately $26 per chair. As for a FormFlex seat, which also adds to the comfort level of a chair, this option comes standard on most MityLite banquet chair models, however, some manufacturers will include an upcharge for a flex-seat.

Many local fire codes and business require ganging on portable seating. Therefore, the majority of MityLite banquet chairs have multiple ganging options. Ganging can add between $5–$7 per chair.

Finally, adding a mitered leg, which has a more defined angle for aesthetics, can add $10 per chair. This option is only available on select MityLite banquet chairs.

Learn more about the chair options and accessories offered by MityLite.

  • Ganging: $
  • Mitered Leg: $$
  • Flex-Back: $$$
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