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Food Display Trends Post COVID-19

- 4 min read

4 New F&B practices that support success in a changing industry

In a world before the pandemic that struck in early 2020, food and beverage offerings were a big part of what differentiated hotels, resorts, and conventions centers looking to stand out and capture more business. The presentation was a big part of providing a first-class experience and establishing your property as a trendsetter.

In this new reality, the practices that will help you stand out have changed. These four tips will help you attract business and survive the trying times ahead.

Use Linenless Tables and Natural Materials

Luckily stone, wood, and metal looks are trending. Ironically, this was true even pre-pandemic. Not only do these materials provide attractive options for linenless tables, but they are also easy to clean and disinfect. Using tables crafted from one of these trending materials lets you avoid the hassle of dealing with linens while providing a cleaner more contemporary look for sophisticated guests.

These natural materials can be carried throughout your property. Beautiful buffet tables can be set with hammered aluminum serving dishes and wood trays. Combining different natural materials means you don’t have to match every piece of furniture, and you can still achieve a cohesive look that allows the food to shine.

Of course, in this day and age, providing pre-packaged foods and beverages is the best option for meetings and events.

Additional Tip

It goes without saying that linens are no longer a good option for dining rooms. However, you should also purchase linenless tables that have a seamless tabletop. This will provide a surface that is easier to clean with nowhere for germs to hide.

Provide Safe Solutions

In addition to using linenless tables and prepackaged food options, make sure your food presentation showcases your commitment to safety. Include Protection Shields on countertops to separate employees and guests. Also, have these strategically placed on tables throughout the dining area. Using Partitions between tables and workstations is also a good solution.

Make sure guests have options for charging mobile devices on tables to avoid having to cluster around outlets. Providing tables with integrated power is more important now than ever.

Provide a Local Experience

The nearly global call for quarantine added to the desire for stimulation and unique experiences. For years, tourists and travelers have craved local experiences. This was true among those traveling for both business and pleasure. This desire is no less true today.

Despite the requirement to use more prepackaged items, properties can still partner with nearby establishments to create unique offerings with a local flair. From beverage offerings to pastries, there are many options that will improve the guest experience while supporting local businesses.

Support Sustainability

Increasingly, customers are concerned with environmental issues and they want to support businesses that are behaving with similar concern for the environment. For this reason, sustainability has been one of the most noticeable Food & Beverage trends in recent times.

Examples of this range from promoting vegetarian and vegan options to making use of smart light bulbs and smart heating to save energy. There has also been an increase in using more sustainable materials for things like napkins and plates.

Obviously, the uptick in prepacked foods is a challenge for sustainability. Having a robust recycling program complete with educational signage can counteract the impact. This can also be incorporated into your nature-focused display practices discussed in tip number one.

Practicing safe and contemporary foodservice displays trends can help you attract more travelers to your property. Safety is key to help guests and employees feel safe in taking strides toward finding a new normal.