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Eon Banquet Chair

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit

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Eon Banquet Chair Dimensions
Greenguard Made in USA Recyclable

Custom Fabric Requirements

We are happy to craft your order using COM (Customer's Own Material). However, the amount of fabric needed per chair is only an estimate based on non-patterned fabric with a width of 54" (137 cm). Material of different widths or fabric with patterns will alter the actual yardage needed. Talk to your Sales Rep for the exact COM yardage requirement for your order.

Seat Style
Seat Total
Inside Back
Outside Back
Back Total
Total Yards
Waterfall (Fabric)
0.39 yards
0.225 yards
0.225 yards
0.55 yards
0.94 yards
Waterfall (Vinyl)
0.39 yards
0.225 yards
0.225 yards
0.55 yards
0.94 yards

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The Eon Banquet Chair is a modern and elegant banquet and event chair, designed specifically to improve the experience of extended seating. The seat back is fully upholstered and features our patented flex-back recline system, which allows guests to recline slightly for individualized seating comfort. The waterfall seat cushion features our patented FormFlex™ technology, making the Eon the perfect chair for comfortable, extended banquet seating.

Benefits & Features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame available in a variety of powder-coated finishes
  • Fingerhold/handhold feature integrated into the design for ease of handling
  • Plush waterfall seat cushion relieves leg pressure
  • Patented FormFlex™ Seat base for additional comfort
  • Molded ply-form backrest with integrated lumbar support and patented flex-back
  • Stacking buttons on back legs protect the frame finish and stabilize the chair during stacking
  • Generous 12-year warranty

Price Point




Ability to Customize


Comfortable seat

Your guests will appreciate the bit of flex and breathability that the FormFlex seat base gives this cushion.

Eon Banquet Chair FormFlex

Supportive, reclining backrest

Your visitors will appreciate the feel of our patented flex-back, a padded backrest that reclines slightly for individualized comfort.

Eon Banquet Chair Flex Back

Ergonomic waterfall edge

Our waterfall edge maintains healthy circulation and keeps your guests comfortable and focused during meetings and events.

Eon Banquet Chair Waterfall Seat

Assembly & Care

Assembly instructions

No assembly required.

Cleaning instructions

The cleaning and care instructions vary depending on the type of upholstery and finish chosen. For specific instructions on fabric care and banquet chair frame cleaning, check out these articles.

Cleaning Powder-Coated Finishes

Cleaning Upholstery

Stacking & Storage

  • Stacking Type: Stacking
  • Stacking: 10 chairs
  • Stack Density: 5″ (12.7 cm)
  • Stack Height: 81″ (205.7 cm)
  • Stack Depth (Creep): 32″ (81.2 cm)
  • Stacking Buttons: Yes

Compatible Carts

4-Wheel Comfort Seating Cart

4-Wheel Comfort Seating Cart

Holds 10 Eon Banquet Chairs

5-Wheel Comfort Seating Cart

5-Wheel Comfort Seating Cart

Holds 10 Eon Banquet Chairs

XpressPort XpressLink Cart

XpressPort XpressLink Cart

Holds 10 Eon Banquet Chairs

High-Capacity Stacking Cart

High-Capacity Stacking Cart

Holds 100 Eon Banquet Chairs

High-Capacity Push Cart

High-Capacity Push Cart

Holds 100 Eon Banquet Chairs